Sports Beijing hosts and participates in a number of tournaments across multiple sports each year!  Over the past several years, our development teams have established a strong presence in Asia’s sporting community and beyond.   This page is dedicated to informing our community on the results of the tournaments and to inform other sports organizations across the world about our tournaments!

Sports Beijing Football Club (SBFC)

Sports Beijng FC is our most decorated and seasoned traveling team.  On any given season we will send between 4-10 teams out on tour to test our teams against the other talented soccer clubs.  In recent years SBFC has brought home silverware from the Shanghai Cup, Hanoi Youth League Invitational Tournament (Vietnam), BSS International Tournament (Thailand), the Dato Chu Tournament  (Malaysia).



Sports Beijing Basketball Club (SBBC)

On last 4 seasons Sports Beijing BC has hosted Fall Leagues (2014, 2015), Spring Leagues (2015), Fall Cups (2016) and Spring Cups (2014, 2015, 2016), with more than 50 clubs participating at all games. SBBC developmental team players has also had the opportunity to participate at next tournaments: Shanghai Puxi League at SAS, Barcelona Tour (2014), Shanghai Slam Tournament (2016), Bangkok Invitational Tournament (2015) and Changping Invitational Tournament (2015, 2016).


U15 Team Picture


Sports Beijing Dynasty Baseball

Baseball is one of Sports Beijing core sports, always present since Sports Beijing was created in 1999. Thanks to all the effort and commitment of parents and volunteers baseball remains one of our main competitive programs.

On last two year the baseball teams has participated in the YBL League in Beijing, and also since 2010 has joined the Spring Bird’s Nest Cup.

This present fall season is the first time Sports Beijing is hosting a baseball tournament, in cooperation with Juyi Baseball Club.



Sports Beijing Gymnastics Club

We are proud of the achievements that the Gymnastics Club has achieved on last two years, with more and more athletes participating and sending the team to different competitions, Hong Kong (Spring 2016), Shanghai (Spring 2015 and 2016) and Singapore (Fall 2015). Sports Beijing has also hosted six end of season Performances since 2011.



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