Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey

This season, Sports Beijing is thrilled to continue the successful partnership with Bauer Hockey in offering the exciting game of ice hockey to our members.  Our sponsor, Bauer, is the world’s #1 hockey equipment supplier. First Shift – a Canadian program developed by Bauer and promoted by Hockey Canada is designed to ease kids and their families into the sport of hockey in a convenient, fun and affordable way. First Shift is open to boys and girls from the age of 6 to 13 years old. It focuses on all areas and aspects of each player: Physical-Emotional, Mental-Psychological, and Social-Educational. Coaches teach about personal discipline, such as being on time for practices, accepting the coach’s directions and carrying out those instructions, and consistent hard work in learning the skills of the game. Players are educated about emotional discipline; the importance of keeping their calm in frustrating situations and controlling their levels of anxiety or nervousness.

The program is split into two learning pathways.

Learn to Skate:

The Learn to Skate program runs at the same time as the Learn to Play, serving beginner skaters from 6 – 13 years old. Students in the Learn to Skate program will have the option to progress to the Learn to Play hockey Program at the coaches’ discretion.

Learn to Play: The Learn to Play program is designed for intermediate skaters or beginner players at the age of 6 – 13 years old. It is an adequately challenging course for players that already have the fundamentals of skating. This learning course will be more difficult than the Learn to Skate program as players will be exposed to various aspects that are key to the game of Ice Hockey including the fundamental skills of: Skating, Passing, Stickhandling and Shooting. As Ice Hockey is a team sport your child will also begin to learn how to work with and develop chemistry with other players. Ultimately, the goal is to create a love for the game, and provide a path forward for transition into one of the many club teams in Beijing.

Player Safety

Player safety is a key component of the First Shift program, built on the values of fair play and respect. Players will learn to respect the safety of their opponent and themselves. Quality protective equipment are worn so injuries are rare. Players will be under the supervision of coaches who will ensure players’ safety, where body checking will not be allowed and very little body contact will be permitted.

Bauer Equipment for First Shift – Learn to Play and Learn to Skate programs

Learn to Skate equipment includes: Bauer skates and helmet with cage face mask. Inline skating type knee and elbow pads, cotton gloves, hockey jersey and bag.

Learn to Play equipment includes: Bauer hockey skates, helmet with cage, pants, gloves, shoulder, elbow and shin Pads, neckguard, sports jock, jersey, socks, as well as a bag.

All participants are required to wear all proper equipment as listed above, fitted correctly, all of the times while on the ice.


September: 1, 15, 22

October: 13, 20, 27

November: 3, 10, 17, 24

December: 1,8

January: 12, 19, 26

(total of 15 classes)


Class Time:

08:00 – 09:00



The fees are a total of 4500rmb for this season (not including gear.)




北京市朝阳区崔各庄乡马泉营村东泉发花园北门 100102 浩泰冰上中心二层

Hokay Rink

Quan Fa Garden Bei Men, Maquanying Village

Cuigezhuang, Chaoyang Dist.

Beijing, 100102




Hokay Ice ring Location Map


Ice Hockey → Ice Hockey Fall '18 - Learn to Skate/Play (6 - 12 Years Old) Spaces Available

Dates: Sat 1 Sep to Sat 26 Jan - 08:00 to 09:00 See all dates

Sessions: 15

Price: ¥4,500.00 / Child

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Learn to Skate Same amount of class fees plus gear would cost an extra 900rmb, Learn to Play Same amount of class fees plus gear would cost an extra 1800rmb (All gear fees will be collected by Bauer when they are purchased.)

HOKAY 包尔体育用品北京有限公司 北京市朝阳区崔各庄乡马泉营村东泉发花园北门 100102 浩泰冰上中心二层 QUAN FA GARDEN BEI MEN, MAQUANYING VILLAGE, CUIGEZHUANG, CHAOYANG DIST, BEIJING, 100102 China Hokay Ice Center, 2F

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