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HUMAN IN MOTION is Beijing’s only 100% foreign-owned fitness studio. We are in the business of personal transformation using a top team of fitness experts, and the latest functional training techniques and specialized equipment. We start with a belief in what you envision, whether it’s weight loss, strengthening, sports-specific conditioning or improved health and fitness and then hold you accountable until you get there. We’re your toughest partners, but it’s not all work and no play, we have fun too! H.I.M. has a close-knit, supportive community of like-minded trainers and athletes; we are all here to support you!

Feel the energy! Groove on our vibe. At HUMAN IN MOTION we have worked hard to create a bright, comfortable space that inspires strength, focus and a really amazing place to achieve maximum results.

Beijing’s only team of certified functional training specialists offer you the ultimate support system. When you sign up to work with one of our trainers, you can count on a close-knit, collective effort and commitment. Built on experience, knowledge and exceptional results, the HUMAN IN MOTION team is constantly investing in new expertise to add the most cutting-edge techniques, equipment and study. Meet the crew who will kick your butt!

You can find our studio at Cathay View or register for one of our courses at the ISB Fitness and Tennis Center.

Human in Motion → Human in Motion (16 - 60 Years Old) Spaces Available

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