Learn the martial way of Aikido (合気道) from the highest ranking and only Japan-trained black belt instructor residing in China (6th degree).

Aikido, “the Way of harmony with the force of nature”, was created by legendary martial arts master Ueshiba Morihei from traditional samurai fighting arts of sword, spear, staff and jiujutsu as a path of personal development to unify and polish the body, mind and spirit in order to benefits your daily life.

However, authentic Aikido is a martial art, not merely a philosophy or well-being system. Taught correctly, its throws, locks, pins and striking techniques plus traditional weapons training (sword, staff, knife) also offer effective single and multi-attacker self-defense.

Children will benefit tremendously, because the training is partner-based, requiring interaction rather than solo training, and improves confidence, concentration, coordination, stamina and strength, perseverance, awareness, self control and self esteem.  Adults will receive the same benefits, plus additional emphasis on self-protection.

Our instructor is a direct student of the art’s founding Ueshiba family with over 30 years experience in Aikido, plus in other martial arts ( BJJ, Judo, Iaido, Krav Maga), and the author of the best selling book Aikido in Japan and the Way Less Traveled.

Beijing Aikikai is directly linked to and fully authorized by the Aikikai World Headquarters (Hombu Dojo, 本部道场 in Tokyo and, due to his rank, the instructor can give his own examinations (including “dan” exams, black belt degrees) when he chooses. Promotions are registered in Japan at the Hombu Dojo.

Aikido → Aikido Fall '18 - Wednesday (18:30 - 19:30) (6 - 60 Years Old) Spaces Available

Dates: Wed 5 Sep to Wed 30 Jan - 18:30 to 19:30 See all dates

Sessions: 19

Price: ¥2,600.00 / Child

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Aikido → Aikido Fall '18 - Saturday (10:00 - 11:00) (6 - 60 Years Old) Spaces Available

Dates: Sat 1 Sep to Sat 26 Jan - 10:00 to 11:00 See all dates

Sessions: 19

Price: ¥2,700.00 / Child

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