Policies Spring 2018


Sports Beijing is a member-based organization. In order for a child to participate in any program, you are first required to become a member of Sports Beijing. Membership lasts for one year (from August 1st to July 31st each year). New members can register at www.sportsbj.org.

Membership Card

Each family will be issued an annual membership card. In order to ensure compliance, safety and security, the membership card must be brought to each training session in order to guarantee admittance.

If a member is unable to present the card upon entry to a venue, their participation in the activity may be prohibited.  Should a card be lost or misplaced, you may purchase another for 50RMB.

Program Descriptions

Sports Beijing retains the right to modify programs from their description on the website and in the catalogue. This may include details related to curriculum, coaches and/or venues. Information on the Sports Beijing website should be considered more up to date and should be checked regularly.

Whenever possible, registered participants will be notified by email or WeChat post of any program changes.


Parents must register their children for programs via the Sports Beijing website, first completing member information and then registering for programs. After the completion of online checkout procedures, parents are encouraged to make payments via bank transfer or wechat pay. You may also pay in cash at a registration event or at the Sports Beijing office. Our coaches are not permitted to accept payments so please ensure all payments are made before the first class otherwise places cannot be guaranteed.

Note that the online registration process includes agreement to Sports Beijing terms and conditions and signing of a waiver of liability. In the event that a member requests SBJ staff to complete the online registration on their behalf, agreement to our terms and waiver of liability is implied.

Sports Beijing programs are ‘courses’, between 8 and 17 weeks in duration, typically comprised of 1-3 ‘sessions’ per week depending on the age group and program. Participants registering after a program has commenced may apply for a prorated fee.

Children registering for programs with specified age groups shall register for the appropriate age group and according to the program description for that activity. No child may play up or down an age group without approval from Sports Beijing management and the Head Coach of the relevant program.

Free Trials

For participants who are brand new to a program/activity and are unsure if you would like to join we allow one free trial session within the first three weeks of all non-outsourced programs.

Participants must register for the free trial session through the Sports Beijing website and indicate which program they will attend. Should the child not wish to continue the family will not be charged, however, should the child wish to continue then a prorated fee including the first trial will be applied. Free trials are limited to one per child per season.

Development Team Programs

Sports Beijing operates several competitive programs, notably in soccer, baseball and basketball. In order to join these programs participants must first take part in tryouts. Selection is at the sole discretion of the Head Coach. Athletes who are selected will then be invited to join the teams, at which point all team fees must be paid in order to secure a place. Note that joining a team implies extra commitment in terms of joining matches and tournaments, some of which will be outside of Beijing.

Development team programs usually run for a minimum of 30 hours (which includes game time) for the Fall and Spring seasons. In the event that specific training sessions or matches are cancelled for some reason, there will not typically be a ‘make-up’ session, provided the minimum number of program hours has been completed.

Certain opportunities to participate in tournaments outside of Beijing will be offered. These tournaments are considered outside the scope of the program and will carry additional costs such as registration, transportation, and coaching accommodation.


Sports Beijing programs will operate regardless of the weather conditions (except for extreme inclement weather i.e. lightning and/or poor air quality – see below).

The exceptions to this are outdoor sports where play in poor weather could be considered dangerous. This includes, but is not limited to, Baseball and Tennis. Decisions to cancel a class, by definition, may be late and it may not be possible to contact all participants in good time.

In the event of a weather-based cancellation (including for poor air quality) Sports Beijing will make our best effort to offer a make-up class. However make-up classes are not guaranteed. In either case no refunds will be given.

Parents must decide on an individual basis whether they want their children to participate in sports on any particular day.


Any child, parent or coach who breaches the Sports Beijing Code of Conduct may be asked to leave the program. In such a case a refund will not be paid.

Outstanding Accounts

Any family account that remains overdue at the end of any season will not be eligible for membership and participation in future Sports Beijing programs until the account is settled.

Updated March 2018

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