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Air Quality Policy – *Note: there are important changes from previous seasons

In line with Beijing-based international schools and other organizations offering children’s sports and activities, Sports Beijing implements the following policy regarding air pollution.

The purpose of this policy is to define the air quality conditions under which Sports Beijing events will be cancelled or postponed. This will be based upon measurements published by the nearest reading station.

In the event that the AQI is above 250 2 hours before the scheduled start time of a session for children born in 2004 or earlier or above AQI 225 for children born in 2005 or later, the session will NOT go ahead. For programs that include participants from both age groups, we will use the lower AQI 225 as our cut-off level.

AQI levels are taken from the station that is closest to the program (i.e. ISB, BSB, & WAB will use the Shunyi New Town Station).

This policy applies to outdoor sports only as follows: Rugby, Tennis, Field Hockey, Baseball, Golf, Soccer, Track & Field and Sailing. Indoor sports are not affected by this policy and will take place regardless of the AQI level.

If an event has already begun and the AQI rises beyond this limit then it will continue until the end. All coaches will be instructed to modify their activities to be less aerobic until completion of the program.

In the event that no message is posted it can be assumed that the program will still be running.

Please note that it is the responsibility of every member to check the website. No phone calls, text message or emails will be sent centrally as this is simply impossible to implement reliably.

If an event is postponed due to air quality, as with the Sports Beijing’s inclement weather policy, we will use our best efforts to offer a make-up class. However this cannot be guaranteed.

August  2016

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