Air Quality Policy



空气质量政策- *注意:跟以前的赛季相比有一些重要的改变。


根据北京的国际学校和其他组织提供的儿童体育和活动,五星体育 与京体将执行以下关于空气污染的政策。


如果AQI-225,这个数值比我们所有的课程项目预定开始时间早 2小时以上,并且没有室内备选方案,课程将不继续。







Air Quality Policy

Five Star Sports & Sports Beijing

Air Quality Policy – *Note: there are important changes from previous seasons

In line with Beijing-based international schools and other organisations offering children’s sports and activities, Five Star Sports & Sports Beijing implements the following policy regarding air pollution.

The purpose of this policy is to clarity as to the air quality conditions under which programmes led by either Five Star Sports or Sports Beijing will be cancelled. This will be based upon measurements published by the nearest reading station.

In the event that the AQI is above 225 2 hours before the scheduled start time of a session for all of our programmes, and an indoor alternative is not available, the session will NOT go ahead. 

AQI levels will be taken from the station that is closest to the program. For instance, all classes scheduled at either ISB, BSB, or WAB will use the Shunyi New Town Station.

This policy applies to outdoor sports only such as football and baseball. Indoor sports are not affected by this policy and will take place regardless of the AQI level.

If an event has already begun and the AQI rises beyond this limit then it will continue until the end. All coaches have been instructed to modify their activities to be less aerobic until completion of the practise.

In the event that no message is posted, it can be assumed that the program will still be running.

Please note that it is the responsibility of every member to check the website or contact our customer service team for live updates.

In the event that a class is cancelled due to air quality, we will offer a make-up class at a later date during the session or during a future session.  All those wishing to make-up a class must contact out customer service team to register.

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