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Dear Community,


We at Sports Beijing are excited to have another year and another opportunity to serve you in your sports and fitness pursuits. In continuing to do this, there have been some structural changes to Sports Beijing that we sincerely hope will bring new opportunities for you and your families’ athletic pursuits. We would like to formally introduce Five-Star Sports as the Owner and Operator of Sports Beijing to the Beijing Community.


Last spring, Sports Beijing essentially decided that it was no longer necessary to have a school-driven sports training company in a market where there were competent professional options. In addition to this, declining student enrolment and the pricing of core programs presented extreme challenges to the sustainability of continued operation. These among other reasons led to the decision to either shutter Sports Beijing or to find a competent and professional sports program to take over operations. This process ended with the selection of Five-Star Sports as owner and operator of Sports Beijing with the hope that they could continue to offer sports programs to the Beijing community.


Five-Star Sports was founded in 2013 and is a wholly foreign owned enterprise. They are located in 5 cities across China and have team of over 100 employees. Their core sports are basketball and football and they have a strong sports event and operations background, having worked with over 15 international schools and organizations like the ATP and Nike.


Structural changes across Sports Beijing programs, particularly football and basketball, were needed. In previous years the football and basketball programs were heavily subsidized by its other programs in order to maintain operation. Because football and basketball are core sports offered at other Five-Star Sports locations, we have also chosen to rebrand the programs under the Five-Star name to indicate a fresh start and new direction forward.


While some changes are necessary, most Sports Beijing programs like Gymnastics, Baseball, and Swimming will continue to operate with very few changes.  On the whole, we hope to increase communication, streamline registrations and improve overall service and delivery.


We would like to thank you for your past support of Sports Beijing and hope to have you as a part of our programs moving forward. Please do not hesitate to contact us and special thanks for patience as this transition occurs. We understand that you as parents will need to make the best decision for your child and wish you the best in your sporting future!

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