Beijing Sino 10’s Rugby Tournament

Beijing Sino 10’s Rugby Tournament

Come and watch expat teams from all over China battle it out in the biggest amateur rugby tournament in Northern China: this is BEIJING SINO 10’s! Founded in 2013, the Sino’s Rugby Tournament was and is a collection of mostly expat rugby players in China keen for some good fun and good rugby

Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy an afternoon watching great rugby, drinking cold beers (poured by Jing A) and chilling under the sun! Grab a friend, grab your sunglasses, and gawk at the men’s and women’s clubs battling it out for #1.

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Date: June 2nd 2018
Time: Tournament starts at 8:00 am and finishes at 5:00 pm. A spectators bus will be organized leaving at 12pm from Paddy O’Shea’s.
Venue: Dulwich College, 89 Capital Airport Road Shunyi District

Jing A – Pouring beers at 25 RMB a pint
Bistro 108 – French BBQ & Sangria Served at reasonable prices

Our partners : ECM China, The Beijinger, Metlife, Paddys, Oasis Hospital, SportsBJ

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