International Schools Snowsports Championships China 2018

International Schools Snowsports Championships China 2018

In our sixth year, the International Schools Snowsports Championships China is a fun ski and snowboard race weekend for international school students. The competition is open to 7-18-year-olds takes place at Wanlong Ski Resort, Chongli on from 02nd to 04th of March 2018

Giant Slalom (timed)  大回转 Head-to-head Slalom  小回转Flatland Freestyle.  平地花样自由式Age/年龄 7-18


Competition entry fee is 1000 RMB. This includes slalom tips on the race course before the competition, entry to Giant Slalom, Slalom and Freestyle competitions on Saturday and Sunday, the opening and closing ceremony (including prizes for winners) and more. You will need to buy ski passes and cover other costs of your weekend in Chongli. Further optional items are available on the sign up form for extra cost (e.g. transport and opening ceremony dinner)

比赛门票费用为1000元。这包括在比赛前的赛程上的回转技巧,在周六和周日的大型回转, 回转和自由式比赛项目,开幕式和闭幕式(包括获奖者的奖品)和更多。您需要购买滑雪雪票,并支付您周末在崇礼的其他费用。其他可选项目可于报名表格内提供额外费用(例如:运输及开幕典礼晚餐)



If you sign up and pay the deposit by Christmas Day (Dec 25th) you can get a 100RMB discount on the race entry. Alternatively, if two or more of your friends go (so three friends in total), each of you will get a 100RMB discount. Note: you can get EITHER Early Bird OR Friends discount, not a double discount.









Please find your own accommodation for the weekend. The Yuelong and Shuanglong Hotels are right next to the ski slopes at Wanlong, with great breakfast. The welcome ceremony on Friday evening will be in Shuanglong Hotel at Wanlong, so it is a good idea to stay in Shuanglong (or Yuelong next door). Alternatively you could stay anywhere in Chongli town and drive up 20 mins to Wanlong. Book early as rooms fill out VERY quickly!

Ski pass & Equipment/雪票&雪具

If you need a ski pass and/or equipment, please book directly with the ski resort.


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Sign up/报名

By paying the sign up fee, students are automatically entered into all competitions. That is Giant Slalom, Dual Slalom and Freestyle. Don’t worry if you think you are not good enough for one competition. Many people will be doing it for the first time too! If you really are too nervous to do one of the three competitions, just let us know in advance so we can remove your name from that list. But it’s really worth a try!

通过支付注册费用,学生自动进入所有比赛,大回转,小回转,和自由式。如果你认为自己不够好,不能参加一场比赛,别担心,很多人也会有第一次参加的! 如果你真的很紧张,不能参加三个比赛中的一个,那就提前告诉我们,这样我们就可以把你的名字从名单上删除了。不过,这真的值得一试!

Key Dates/主要日期

Early Bird Deposit Deadline
25th December 2017



Full Payment Deadline
09th February 2018



Competition Date
02nd to 04th of March 2018





Beijing Phone : 010-57394933
Wechat : Imagine-china
Email :

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