Rock Climbing Downtown Program

Sports Beijing, in partnership with Rock Hour Climbing, is excited to offer downtown Rock climbing for spring. The experienced climbing instructors at Rock Hour Climbing will lead all classes and teach students the proper climbing techniques and safe, effective use of specialized climbing equipment.


In July 2017, the rock hour climbing center is officially open for business. It is one of the largest and most advanced facilities in China. In just few months, The Rock Hour climbing has organized dozens of events, made the great success, such as competition and other activities.



Rock climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport, one that often tests a climber’s mind as well as their physical strength, endurance, agility, and balance.


These rock climbing classes are for climbers of all abilities. New students are introduced to the sport through limited height climbing (known as bouldering), while gradually developing their confidence and skills for higher climbs. Those with previous climbing experience focus on building their flexibility, strength, technique and strategic route planning while reinforcing climbing fundamentals and safety. All climbers’ progress will be recorded through the “Climbing Workbook”, in which the coach signs off on the skills acquired during the week.


Ages are indicated as a guideline. There may be older and or younger climbers in the class depending on their climbing ability and development level.

We will provide 3 times trial in different days for the kids who wants to try Rock Climbing at Rock Hour Climbing Gym before regular program start. Trial session will lead by experienced Rock Hour Climbing coaches.


Trial dates: Dec 29th/Jan 3rd/Jan 15th

Price: 300rmb/each kid/each time




West Dawang Road No.27 Courtyard Block 74 (Cong China Nengjian Office Building South Side Parking Lot Jinru) Chaoyang Beijing China

Please click below link to go on our website to register your child for either Trial session or regular program.




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