Sports Beijing is extremely thankful to ISB for being able to use their excellent facilities. We kindly remind all of our players, coaches and parents to respectfully abide by the rules and regulations set out by the school. This means specifically:

  • All visitors (non-ISB participants) must access (& depart) the school via the North Gate entrance
  • Sports Beijing participants and guests must show their membership cards at entrance to gain access to facilities
  • Sports Beijing participants and guests that fail to bring their membership cards on the weekend, must contact Sports Beijing on-site admin person for access to the school.
  • All Sports Beijing participants and guests are expected to interact respectfully with the ISB staff at all times.
  • Sports Beijing participants are allowed to bring a maximum of two guests to the activities, but these must sign in at reception
  • No smoking on campus

  • Any non-compliance can lead to the exclusion of the parent/child from the Sports Beijing programs.

Sports Beijing admin will provide assistance to parents and liaison with the ISB security team.

In order to provide the best experience for the children every week, we also ask parents to arrive in due time, so that any potential issues can be addressed before the start of the program and so that the kids can focus on whats important – playing sports!

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.





  • 所有非ISB本校的学生和家长,只能通过学校北门进入/离开学校。
  • 所有BIJFL联赛参赛人员必须在门口出示BIJFL通行证才能进入校园。
  • 忘记带出入证或者还没收到出入证,必须联系京体俱乐部前台的工作人员进入学校。
  • 所有京体时代俱乐部学员和家长任何时候请对ISB工作人员保持尊重和礼貌。
  • 如果带家属进入学校观看比赛,需提前向京体俱乐部告知,我们需要提前通知学校保安做好准备。
  • 京体俱乐部允许一个孩子最多只能带两位亲属。
  • 校园内任何地方禁止吸烟。

  • 任何不遵守学校或联赛组织者规定的人员将被驱逐出学校。





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