Thank you Volunteers!

Founded in 1999 as the Beijing Community Sports and Recreation Committee (BCSRC), Sports Beijing’s aspiration was to co-ordinate previously disparate groups running different youth sports established by enthusiastic expatriate volunteers. The aim was to provide a platform for young kids to pursue sporting activities at a time when these options were limited in Beijing. The foundation of this not-for-profit group has been built by the essential spirit of community and volunteerism.

Sports Beijing has evolved since its early beginnings, but the importance of our volunteers is still an integral part of the success of this organization. Most of the youth sports programs offered would not exist without the efforts of coaches who voluntarily give hours of their time to provide a safe learning environment for the young people they mentor. These volunteers might be parents of players on the team or they might be other members of the community who have knowledge to share and the time to share it.

Volunteering is generally considered an altruistic activity. It is helping and assisting, without any financial gain involved for the individual, yet it comes with numerous intangible rewards. Volunteerism can produce feelings of self-worth and respect and is renowned for skill development, socialization and fun. It provides the opportunity to make a positive difference in a child’s life. Volunteers are the engine that drives youth sports, and they are typically the ones who give young people their first impression of the sport being played.

Although it is exceedingly rewarding, the reality is the passion behind volunteering can sometimes be tested as the volunteer coaches can often find themselves in a thankless job. While the time on the field working with players can be very rewarding, it appears that there are habitually parents and spectators who do not appreciate those efforts. There will be times when it becomes hard to be a volunteer because of the off-field issues that the coach must address.

We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate for all the unpaid coaches and volunteer parents that over the years have helped Sports Beijing become what it is today. Your good will and generosity have allowed us give our young kids a chance to practice their favorite sports with an emphasis on participation, fun and learning the basic skills.

A big thank you to all those volunteers that have given back so generously to the community!

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