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Sports Beijing summer camp has been an exhilarating experience to all of its kids. Whether they specialize in gymnastics, football, basketball or tennis. They spend an afternoon or full day inside a fully air purified dome at an easy to access location. The camp is split up into weeks, kids may change sports at the end of each week, giving the children enough time to experience and improve in a sport but also allowing them to try a variety of sports at the same time.

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The day kicks off with kids continuing their preferred sport. From 9:30 to 12:00 the participants will be under the supervision of our kind and well-trained coaches, they will personally tend to their every need. All kids will begin with a fun warm up with the coaches, loosening their muscles and speeding up blood circulation which is vital to avoiding injuries. The football kids were focused as they blew off steam in the game, they passed the ball to one another with a strategy in mind. They ran up and down the pitch in a blink of the eye.

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The sound of balls dribbling and the coach shouting instructions fills you ears as you walk by the basketball court. The kids lined up and shot hoops. We all watched in suspense as one boy walked up to the hoop, you could cut the tension with a knife as he perfected his posture, took a deep breathe, and shot…It went through the hoop! Throwing his fist into the air, he leaped up in joy.

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Gymnastics is the definition of elegance. As little girls and boys do tricks and flips with hula-hoops and ribbons. The coach is a warm-hearted woman who helps them whenever they need. The girls were lined up and all facing the wall, the coach blew the whistle and one by one they did hand stands against the wall. The coach smiled in delight as everyone managed to do a hand stand.

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Lunch time rolled around in no time. The kids who enrolled for the full day experience fought their way up the stairs, they were all terribly hungry after a morning of hard work. The gobbled their food down whilst laughing and joking with one another. Some kids enjoyed the lunch so much they went back for seconds! As others were tired and decided to enjoy the break.


The afternoon is constantly filled with new exciting activities. Friday is pool day – a bus brings the kids to the venue, the bus rides are filled with small talk and gossip. The kids get to spend the afternoon by the pool and they may choose to swim, just relax by the side or play water games. The children are under constant supervision to ensure your child’s safety. On other days Sports Beijing plans other fun activities. Capture the flag and dodge ball are of the most popular amongst the children and basic introductions to other sports are also available. Multisport gives kids a taste of other sports and will hopefully widen their horizon. Fort building is also amongst the more popular activities; kids can have fun with friends and build forts with the many foam toys and mattresses that are available at the International School of Beijing Dome.


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Your child will have a great time at this Summer camp – sign up now for a summer of fun! Contact us at or call 6430-1370 / 6430-1176 for more information (email




无论孩子们参与体操,足球,篮球还是网球Sports Beijing的夏令营使所有孩子们都感到激动和愉悦。所有运动都被规划在舒服宽敞的ISB或BSB地点,无论是参加半天还是全天,所有规划的运动都在气膜体育馆内进行,无须担心空气污染或天气。夏令营以周为单位报名参加,每周结束孩子们可以重新自由选课。由于这样的安排,孩子们不光有足够的时间练习提高,还有尝试新运动的机会。

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拍打篮球的声音更加引人注目,走到球场边,教练满脸通红,他永不停息的向场上滴着汗水的球员们喊出鼓励的话语。比赛结束,所有球员排成一排联系射球。 球都一个接一个的被投进篮筐,球员收获满满,这时我注意到了一个从角落里走出来的小勇士,他始终没进过球,全场屏息凝视,他渐渐拿起篮球,心里喊着拍子深呼吸,使用全身的力气把球投出去了,所有人的目光跟着在空中旋转的球,他进了!全场欢呼,全场沸腾。



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而下午的黄金时间总是充满了欢声笑语。Sports Beijing会安排各种各样有意思的游戏。每周五下午Sports Beijing都会带着孩子们去泳池玩耍。从气膜体育馆到泳池的接送都由Sports Beijing负责。去泳池的途中,车厢总充满孩子们的笑声,他们都特别期待去泳池。到了泳池也是由Sports Beijing全程看护,保证孩子们的安全。其余的时间我们会安排一些其他游戏,孩子们最喜欢的是腰旗橄榄球和躲避球。有的时候也会利用这个时间向孩子们介绍一些新的游戏,开阔他们的眼界。孩子们还常常喜欢利用顺义国际学校气膜体育馆内提供的泡沫玩具搭建城堡。

你的孩子一定会喜欢我们的夏令营!现在赶快报名吧!更多信息在 或者电话联系6430-1370 / 6430-1176


written by Xuefei Jessica Thompson




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