Every Drop Counts / 滴滴珍贵

by Xuefei Jessica Thompson

This week at Summer Camp, kids had a special visitor to join our afternoon Multisport activities.

Sports Beijing often collaborates with educational corporations and this week they teamed up with Thirst – an NGO that spreads awareness of one of the most adverse social justice issues we face today, water insecurity. With this problem in mind, Thirst’s main objective is to educate, and most importantly, engage youth in activities about how to begin to cure water insecurity. Thirst aims to educate and inspire the youth of today in hopes of them continuing this education for the future. This week they helped bring children a day of sport and laughter, with a hidden lesson.











The day began with the kids continuing their preferred sports training in basketball, football, gymnastics, and tennis. The room was filled with fun and laughter; as they warmed up and reunited with one another. The gymnastics coaches were warm and cheerful when helping their students stretch, while on the football pitch Mina and Dora screamed excitedly as they dribbled with the football under the watchful eyes of the coach. The basketball students bounced the ball around cones and had a friendly game of shooting hoops to get started.

All sports Beijing coaches are well trained and dedicated to offering your child his/her time and effort. They are kind and manage to connect with the children. The football coaches enjoyed a game of tag with the children whilst the equipment was being setup, during a break Keri said “I find football very fun and exercising too..” she barely finished her sentence before she ran off back to join her team mates in the game.











After a healthy lunch and a short break, the Thirst team arrived and immediately caught the attention of the children with their bubbly personalities and helpful attitude. They set up both athletic activities such as basketball and bingo relay, and other non-athletic activities including Ocean Box Activity and ocean filter. A group immediately huddled into a circle after hearing the rules, they chuckled as they discussed strategies with one another and off they went to play and learn.

The basketball relay got the most cheers with everyone gathered in a circle and cheering on their team mates. The competition got so heated that a friendly game of basketball erupted; with students facing off against the coaches. No one could take their eyes off of them as they scrambled across the court desperate to shoot a hoop to make their team proud.











Many people may ask what the connection is between sports and Thirst and wonder about why Thirst and a sport organization would collaborate. Fortunately, Maria from Thirst had time to explain the matter. “our goal today is to educate the youth about water scarcity and water insecurity, even through sports we can achieve our goals because education is limitless and can be taught in an infinite amount of ways.” Sports Beijing shares these values, as they not only want kids to have fun but also take something educational away from the experience. Sports Beijing supports its participants in many ways by providing a rigorous and fruitful rewarding calendar ofsporting activities offering its students many choices.

Today the kids learned a life lesson whilst playing games…Every drop counts!


































可能许多人都会有疑惑,为什么一个体育机构会和Thirst这样的组织合作,而Maria代表Thirst帮我们解疑了疑问,她说“我们今天来的目的是想不仅想教育孩子们,还想增加现在孩子们对缺水严重性的意识,听过运动有利于孩子们更好的接受并消,教育孩子们的方法数不胜数,我只希望他们今天学到了些新知识。” SportsBeijing非常赞同Thirst的观点,他们不仅仅想让孩子们在这里感受到快乐,也想让他们学到一些前所未有的知识。SportsBeijing给予了孩子们选择的能力,并为孩子们量身定做了一套健康,欢乐多,并且还能教育孩子们的日程表。













For more information on THIRST, please see http://www.thirstforwater.org/




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