SBFC: Spring 2017 BIJFL Season Concludes

Sports Beijing Football Club (SBFC) completed yet another successful season in the Beijing International Junior Football League (BIJFL).  The BIJFL is overseen by founding clubs:

  1. China ClubFootball
  2. Sports Beijing
  3. Beijing Kickers
  4. UBest

This year saw 90+ teams, thousands of youth football players from across Beijing competing on Sundays in hundreds of matches as their skills continued to develop against an increasingly number of quality youth football opponents.  SBFC possesses over 10 teams in the BIJFL ranging from 2010 to 2003-born players.  The club is represented in every BIJFL age division and congratulates its teams for fighting hard until the final whistle of the league.  From the the 10+ teams in the BIJFL, 3 finished in 1st place to claim bragging rights over the summer.



The victorious SBFC 2008 Shockwave, 2007B division Champions, with proud parents and Head Coach Basho Nikbathshoyev.


SBFC 2008 Shockwave make headlines yet again as the only Sports Beijing Football Club Development team to be crowned Champions in a BIJFL age division OLDER than their birth year!!  Founded 2 years ago, SBFC Shockwave consists of 12 highly talented 2008 born players hand selected from annual tryouts at the beginning of the season.  Watching these youngsters come up from Sports Beijing’s recreation program, Roots, teaching 4-7 year old players fundamental football skills, has been remarkable and a testament to the quality of Sports Beijing’s Football Program.

Congratulations to SBFC Shockwave on this latest triumph – marking 3 major trophies in 2 years!



Immensely talented…our 8-9 year old players inspect their medals to see if the gold is authentic and celebrate the 2007B Championship!


Moving up to some slightly older players, SBFC 2006 Shooting Stars returned to podium to reclaim glory in the 2006B division.  Seeing their player numbers drop over the year, the Shooting Stars, led by newly appointed Head Coach Munaj for the Spring 2017 season, are the only SBFC team to record an undefeated campaign 13-0 in the BIJFL.  Well done to these boys as going undefeated with zero to 1 sub per match is yet another unimaginable feat!



SBFC 2006 Shooting Stars celebrate their Championship-winning season with Head Coach Munaj Abdulkadir.


Continuing a climb up the age groups, SBFC 03/04 SuperKids took back the 03/04A division trophy from inter-club rivals, SBFC Selecao – winners of the Fall 2016 03/04A season.



Long-time groomed Head Coach Marwan Aleid with his Champions, SBFC SuperKids! 4 BIJFL 1st place finishes in 3 years!


The SBFC SuperKids continued their BIJFL dominance with adding yet another piece of silverware to their soon to be overflowing trophy cabinet!  Well done to the SuperKids team for another season of success.  As Marwan Aleid’s debut season as Head Coach, the benchmark has now been set.  We look forward to another year of exciting football matches in the ensuing Fall 2017 Season!



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