BYBL Finals/Tournament June 3/4

The weekend of June 3-4 marked the ending of the BYBL Spring Season, with a big show of youth basketball, featuring the BYBL Finals.

Recapping the season, more than 150 games were played, and more than 200 youth players from aged of 7 to 14 regularly participated in the games, and we are glad for them. There have been so many great and courageous hustle plays, parent’s and friend’s cheering sounds, friendly handshakes, thrilling buzzer beaters, teammate collaboration, also silence and breakout excitement. All these will be great memories in the growth of all the players!

Ultimately, we still have winners in each category:

U10 League: ZhongGuanCun No. 1 Primary School (中关村第一小学) won the league championship with astonishing record of 9 wins and 1 loss in the U10 Category, second place was for Qi Hang Basketball Club (起航篮球俱乐部) with 6 wins and 4 losses.

U12 League: A great team has its tradition in its blood; ZhongGuanCun No. 1 Primary School (中关村第一小学) again stands No.1 in the U12 league with record of 8 wins and 2 losses, followed by Wildcats Club with record of 7 wins and 3 losses.2BYBLFinals2017

U14 League: Our home team, Sports Beijing, in this category goes head to head with Wildcats Club, both with record of 5 wins and 3 losses, but Sports Beijing was a slight margin over Wildcats in the two match-up games that were tied 1-1. So, Sports Beijing took the championship home.3BYBLFinals2017

During the June 3-4 BYBL Finals, which was also a 2 day tournament for all teams, ZhongGuanCun No. 1 Primary School (中关村第一小学) easily won the championship again in the U10 category.  In the U12 category, Kids King Club came up strong and beat the league Champions ZhongGuanCun No. 1 Primary School (中关村第一小学) and took home the Tournament Championship. The U14 Championship game was an epic show between home team Sports Beijing and Yabei Basketball Club, with more than 200 fans watching, and the “battle” was not ended until the last minute with Sports Beijing pulling away with 72-69, a 3 point win. Congratulations to both teams and thanks to them for the great show. To write in history, Sports Beijing U14 and ZhongGuanCun No. 1 Primary School (中关村第一小学) U10 are the two teams winning both League and Tournament Championship.

Special thanks to Dayu No. 1 Primary School (门头沟大峪第一小学), who came as the champions of MenTouGou District in Primary School category,  and its coaches for their commitment and engaging many more of their players in the games, especially girl students.

In the end, we would like to thank ISB for the great facilities and the United Family Hospital for medical assistance on Sundays. Also, we would like to thank all the teams, from clubs and schools, committing to the whole season and upholding the League philosophy of player’s participation and development as primary goals. Last but not least, we thank the referees for their services.

BYBL has been successful with all the teams’ support, and mutual understanding. And we look forward to the Fall Season in September 2017.

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